Tattoo Artist

John C.My name is John Corell. I have been involved in art since I was a teenager. I began drawing cartoons I saw when I was a little kid them become fascinated with the world of graffiti around the ages of 11 or 12. I became a Graffiti Artist and specialized in peacing. I very quickly became very good at doing wild style type lettering but that lifestyle came to an abrupt end when graffiti became a felony. It didn’t seem wise or me to continue writing on walls because I would eventually get caught and serve time. I transitioned to only writing in books and tagging people’s rooms. I began learning the profession of tattooing March 2003 after friends had convinced me to buy tattoo equipment. Many friends helped me get my start in tattooing by donating their money, time, motivation, flesh, and most of all TRUST in me. My friends pushed me to try new styles of art which enabled me to grow as an artist. Since then, I have been growing as a professional in my business, which has brought me a large number of clientele. I continue to educate myself in all aspects of tattooing and hope to create a legacy in the body art industry. My dream is ultimately to provide a place for artist and clientele alike to be able to tattoo and get tattooed in a drug free, drama free, sterile, friendly and trustworthy environment. This dream has come to fruition.


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